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Password Protect PDF Files

I need to send a PDF across to another school in the trust but It needs to be password protected.



  1. Locate the PDF you want to password protect in your documents and then right click the document and choose Adobe Acrobat as this has the necessary utilities.

  2. Once open, navigate to the right hand side and find the tools button. If you have never used Acrobat then you may need to click this button to gain access to the menu.Under_2.png
  3. On the Tools menu locate the " Protection " Tab. Click on the tab and then select encrypt. You will then see the two options available to you. Choose Encrypt with password.

  4. Once you click on the tab you will then be given the window below. This Window will allow you to choose many different options on encryption. Please see below the image to find out about all the different options.
Compatibility - This option is best left to default as all schools are kept up to date but if you need to send it to anyone who may not have an up to date version then select a lower number
Requires Password to open - This option is for use when you want the document to open only if the correct password is entered.
Permissions - The second password box will allow you to set a password when someone wishes to print or edit the document. You can select allow printing, allow in low quality and none at all
                         Changes have similar options and can allow for different levels of changes to be made.
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