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Enable BitLocker on External Storage


NOTE: If a USB Storage device is not encrypted you will only be able to read files from the device.

DO NOT encrypt SD Cards that are used in a camera.

  1. Insert the external storage device (e.g. USB drive, external hard disk) into your computer.
  2. When the screen below appears, click ‘Encrypt this drive using BitLocker Drive Encryption’. If you do not wish to encrypt the drive, click ‘Don’t encrypt this drive’ (you will only be able to view and read files).
  3. At the next screen, enter a complex password (this should not be something simple to guess and the password should not be written down anywhere), then click ‘Next’.

  4. At the next screen, choose ‘Encrypt entire drive (slower but best for PCs and drives already in use)’, then click ‘Next’.

  5. Ensure that ‘Compatible mode (best for drives that can be moved from this device)’ is selected, and then click ‘Next’.
  6. Now click ‘Start encrypting’, this will start the drive encryption process. Once the dialog below has finished you will be able to use your drive. Do not remove the drive before it has completed as this can corrupt the drive resulting in data being lost.
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