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Free Cam 8




  1. Open the Windows menu, type “Free Cam” and if the software is installed on your laptop, you should see the following: (if the software is not installed, please email Click on the application to run it.




  1. The first window you should see will have a “New Recording” button on it. Click on this.





  1. A transparent window will appear over the top of your desktop. You can click and drag the bars at the corners of the dotted box to change the size of the portion of the screen you wish to record; and you can use the four-headed arrow at the centre to click and drag the window around.


  1. You can choose the whole desktop by clicking the arrow next to the resolution on the options bar and choosing the “Fullscreen” option)




  1. You can also choose whether you would like audio recorded as part of the video you produce; by default only system sounds will be recorded, however if you wish to record your voice as well, click the microphone icon.




  1. If you wish to disable system sounds during your recording, click on the settings cog to bring up the options, and untick the “Record system sounds” option.







  1. Click the Record button when ready. A 3-second countdown will start prior to the recording starting. To pause the recording, hit F9. To resume the recording, hit F9 again. You will notice when the recording is paused, the dotted area around the recording area changes from red to black. To stop recording, hit Esc. To discard the recording, hit F10.




8)   Once the recording is finished, you will see a screen similar to the screenshot below. You can preview the recording before saving it as a file that you can email/import into other

software as required.





9)   Before exporting the video, you can click on the Edit button.





This will bring up another window where you can see the individual frames of the video in a timeline, and you can apply fade in and fade out, background noise removal and volume increases and decreases to your video.




You can also highlight areas of the timeline to remove audio or trim the video down. Once you are happy with any changes, click Save and Close.








10) After the previous step, you will see the preview of your recorded screen again. Now click the Save as Video button.




A Save As dialogue box will appear requesting a save location for the file. Click Save. The video will export to the chosen location as a WMV file.


When you close Free Cam, you will be asked if you wish to save the recording. This is only necessary if you wish to go back and re-export the video. If you do, then click Save.


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