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Cornerstones - Activating LockLizard


Every now and again, Cornerstones will update the licence for lock lizard. If a new one is issued you will receive an email from them with a download link or one will be forwarded to you. If you cannot find the email, try searching for it in your inbox using keywords such as "LockLizard" and "Cornerstones"

  1. Go to the Cornerstones Hub

  2. Sign in to the hub and you will be taken to the download page automatically

  3. Click the large "Download" button and wait for the file to pop up in the bottom left hand corner.

  4. Once finished, go to the downloads folder and find the newly downloaded file. It will have the name of your school in the file name. 

  5. Close lock lizard and run the file, it will then tell you when it has completed. You can now use cornerstones files in lock lizard.
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