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Ordering from the fusion app

  1. On the first screen you see when you login, click on “ORDER YOUR FOOD”

  2. You will now get a screen asking you to choose the day you would like to place your order for, this can be any day up to 5 days in advance.

  3. Now you will be asked to make your choice, you need to choose 1 item from each section so that the headings turn green. You can only choose 1 option in each section!
  4. Click on View Basket, this will show you a screen that lists what you are ordering. Clicking “Confirm Order” will place your order and take the money from your account.

  5. The final screen is a confirmation where you will get your order number and the option to cancel the order. This can be done up to 9am on the morning of the date you have ordered.
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