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Google Classroom - Post a Message to the class

  1. Ensure that you are in the classroom that you wish to post to and that you have clicked on the stream tab.
  1. Click in the “Something to share with your class…” box


  1. This will now expand where you can write a message, you can also use the options at the top to post to multiple classrooms if required or post just to a selection of students. Using the “Add” button you can also post documents, links & YouTube videos for the students to access as well.


  1. Once you are ready to post you message, click on post in the bottom right. You can also schedule your post for later on or save it as a draft by clicking the down arrow next to “post”

Once a message has been posted to the stream, you can comment on it by clicking in the box below the comment, typing your message and then clicking on the folded paper icon to post it.

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