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Locate Google Meet link for your Google Classroom Class


1) Sign into Google Classroom ( as normal with your school email address and password.


2) Click on the class that you wish to obtain a Google Meet link for.


3) On the Class dashboard, click on the Settings Gear icon at the top of the page




4) In the General section click the button labelled "Generate Meet link"




5) You can copy the link using the "Copy" button after the Meet link is generated.




Note: Only the students who are added to your class will be able to join the Google Meet using the generated Meet link. These students must be signed with a school email account to be able to join.

Anyone else trying to join the class using the Meet link will see an “Invalid video call name” error on the screen.




6) There’s also a toggle switch for ‘Visible to students’ which is automatically enabled when you create the Meet link for your classroom. (This might already be created for you Google Classroom class)




7) Click Save at the top of the page if you have made any changes.




8) If the Meet link is set to be visible, you (and students) will be able to see the link on the Class dashboard.





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