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Using the OneDrive Menu Bar


At the top of the page there is a menu bar that contains two buttons, New and Upload. These are the main options you will be using while utilising OneDrive. Below is a quick summary of what each button does and how it can be used. There are slos screenshots of the dropdown menu when the button is clicked.

New: New allows you to create folders within your cloud storage space. These act the same as regular folders within windows and entire folders can be uploaded and used as they were in windows.

          You can also create new documents which will be opened and created in the virtual office environment but can be opened and saved in your PC and even saved while working from your PC to the onedrive file.

Upload: Uploading files is easy in OneDrive. You can either use the menu below to upload files and whole folders or you can drag and drop files and folders into the browser from your PC and they will upload to OneDrive


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