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Sharing Files with others


In OneDrive you can share files and folders with other people. This means you can collaborate with other members of staff on files, regardless of location.

You can share with multiple methods, each of them having unique benefits.


1. Click on the file / Folder you want to share and make sure it is ticked as below.

2. A new option will appear at the top and you will now see the "Share" option

3. Clicking on this option will create a drop down menu with the option to send links. There are multiple options you can choose from.

Below are the options you can choose from.

Anyone with a link: This will generate a link that can be sent to anyone and allows access to the selected files. You can also set a password on the link and an expiry date so that the link will stop functioning after a certain date and time,

People in the trust: This option will give access to anyone within our trust which means even if the link is sent to someone outside the trust, they will not be able to access it.

People with existing access: This will send an email to everyone who already has access to the file / folder.

Specific people: This will allow you to select specific people who will gain access to the files. This can be updated at any time.

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