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Outlook Online - Accessing a second mailbox


1) Go to

2) You will now be asked for an email address, please enter one of the following depending on what school you work for. The same will also apply to the students within your school.

Note: some of the email addresses will not match what you are used to, please ensure you are following the instructions below.  

Holy Trinity Gravesend - 

Horton Kirby – 

Rosherville – 

Shorne –

Sedley's - 

St Botolph’s – 

St George’s – 

Stone St Mary’s – 

Sutton at Hone –    


3) If you are logging in outside of work you will see this pop-up and you will have to put your password in.



4) This is your dashboard and you will have to click on Outlook.


5) You need to click on your name what is in the top left corner of the screen and a drop-down will open and then you will have to click on open another mailbox.



6) You will need to type in the box what mailbox you want to open for example "School - Finance"












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