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Google Meet - How to record your lessons


With google meet, you can record meetings and access them at a later date. This can be used to keep lessons for students who may have missed it or to go back and assess teaching. 

Start the meeting the normal way and when you are in the main meeting area, navigate to the bottom right and click the three dots as indicated below. 


A new menu will open up and towards the top there will be a record button, click this button to start recording the meeting. A popup will appear and let you know you are about to record and to let everyone in the call know.


You will receive conformation that the recording has started and there will be a red icon in the left hand corner as well as the browser tab. As long as this icon is flashing, the meeting is recording video and audio


Repeat the process above to stop recording the meeting. A popup will let you know that It will save the recording in your google drive.



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