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IT Support app - disable always on top function


By default, the support app stays on top of any apps currently running which means it will stay in the bottom right hand corner when ever anything else is open and running such as teams, outlook or chrome. You can set it to hide when using other apps by doing the following:


While holding CTRL, left click the support icon and wait for the support box to appear. It will look like this:


Untick the box next to "Always on top?" and click save, the box will close. You will now need to exit the support icon, you can do this by holding CTRL and left clicking the icon again but this time pressing "Exit Application"

To Re-Run the application, go to the Start Menu and then to staff shortcuts, you will see the support app in this folder. Run it again by clicking the application. The app will re-launch and be below all the other apps.

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