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Scanning on the “new” Konica Minolta photocopier interface


Scanning on the “new” Konica Minolta photocopier interface

1)      Type in your photocopier number into the ID field. Tap Log in.

 2)      Tap the Scan option

 3)      Tap Start to begin scanning, or tap Settings to change DPI, double-sided options.

 4)      On the Settings page, choose between the available options (recommended to leave PDF file type and paper size alone as paper size will be self-detected in the majority of cases) Tap Start to begin scanning.

      If scanning multiple pages, after the first page is complete, remove the original page and replace it with another and tap Start. When you have scanned all the pages, tap Finish.

6)      The scanned images should appear in your email Inbox. If the following screen appears, click Send.

 7)      The following screen appears to confirm that the scanned page(s) have been sent.

 8)      Log out of the photocopier when you have finished.


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