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SIMS - Attendance - Entering a weekly attendance pattern


Attendance –Entering a weekly attendance pattern When nursery pupils are only attending either morning or afternoon sessions or a mixture of both, it can be helpful to set up a weekly attendance pattern.

Using a weekly attendance pattern pre-populates their attendance with an X code on the sessions they will not be attending.

The X code stands for: Non-compulsory school age absence.


IMPORTANT: only use weekly attendance patterns for dates that won’t need to be changed in the future as this can be tricky.

If patterns may need to be changed then it might be better to only enter patterns for full terms or half terms.

To setup a weekly attendance pattern:


1.Click on Focus > Attendance > Enter a Weekly Pattern

2.This opens the “Enter a Weekly Pattern” screen which allows you to select the date range, pupil/pupils and input the attendance pattern which they will be using for the given date range.

3.If you have a Nursery class where all the pupils in the class will be attending Nursery in the morning only for the full year, then you can select Reg Group from the “Group Type” field and change the date range to cover the full school year. You then need to mark an X code in for the afternoon sessions as you will not be required the record an attendance mark for these pupils on an afternoon session. Once you have the correct date range specified and you have selected Reg Group, click on Search. This shows you a list of your registration groups.

4.Select the correct registration group from the list (AM in this example) and enter an X into the table for all of the PM sessions as a mark is not required for this class for these sessions.

5.Check that the correct registration group is still selected in the list of registration groups, and then click on the Apply button at the top of the screen. You should then receive a message at the bottom left hand corner of the screen to say the attendance marks have been applied.

6.You can then check in Focus > Attendance > Edit Marks to make sure the attendance pattern has been applied. This is what your attendance should now look like for the chosen class.

7.If you need to apply an attendance pattern to one individual pupil or a group of pupils (but not the same pattern to a full class) then you can follow the same instructions as above but select Individual Students from the “Group Type” field. When you click Search, you will be given a list of all pupils. Either select the one individual pupil before entering the pattern or select a group of pupils using the Ctrl key.

8.At this point, double check that you have selected the correct pupils (highlighted grey) then click on Apply.  


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