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Setting up Remote Desktop on iOS


Please ensure that any devices you set this up on is protected by at least a PIN number and that nobody else is able to access the device.


Step 1: Open the RD Client app on your iPad or iPhone, if you have not downloaded the app please follow this link

Step 2: Click on the + icon and then select “Add Workspace”


Step 3:  In the first field that appears enter

Step 4: Click on "User Account" 

Step 5: Now select "Add User Account" 

Step 6: You will now be presented with a screen like the one below, in the first field enter your school email address and then your password in the next field and click on "Save".


Step 7: Now ensure there is a tick next to your email address and then press the back arrow in the top left.

Step 8: You show now have a form that looks similar to below, click on next. 


This will now show all of the applications that we have got available for use via the Remote Desktop system, including sims.


If you would like any other applications to be accessible please raise a support call with us and we will look into the software for you.

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