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Adding a new Medical Condition


1.Click on Tools > Lookups > Maintain


2.Type “Medical” in the description field then click on the Searchbutton. This will display all data areas with the word medical in them. Double click on Medical Conditions–this will show a list of current medical conditions.



3.Check that the medical condition you need to add isn’t already in the list. It may be already set up in SIMS but set to inactive. If this is the case, you need to click on the medical condition then click Openon the righthand side and put a tick in the active box then click OKand Save.



4.If the medical condition isn’t in the list, click on the Newbutton to the right of the list, this will open a new medical condition window for you to fill in.




5.Type in a code for the medical condition –this is a made up code, anything is fine as long as it is unique to the other medical condition codes. Type in the description (example: Psoriasis) and make sure there is a tick in the active box. Click OKthen Save.




6.You will now receive a message asking you to log out of SIMS. This medical condition will not be available to add to a pupil record until you have logged out of SIMS and back in again




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