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Importing ATF Files into sims


Creating a Pre-Admission Group


If you have large numbers of new admissions or you need to monitor admission lists it is advisable to set up an Admission Groupand use the Pre-Admissions routine.

1.To set up the Admission Group(s) go to Routines >Admission >Admission Groups >Setup. At the Find Intake Group screen click New.




2.At Intake Groupselect Admission Year, Admission Season and Year Group from the dropdowns and enter the planned number of pupils in Planned Admission. When you click in the Namebox a name will generate from the criteria you have just entered, but you can change this if you wish.


3.Again when you click in the Namebox at Admission Group, a name will generate from the criteria above, but you can also change this if you wish. Enter a Date of Admissionfor the Group. Save and Close.




4.To add pupils to your Admission Group go to Focus > Admission > Applicationand click New. Enter details for the new pupil in the same way as for on roll.




5.As an alternative you can now also import new pupils via an ATF file into this New Intake Group –use Route Focus > Admission > Import ATF.


Importing ATF Files into SIMS In March, schools receive an Admissions Transfer File (ATF) from their LA. This file contains the names of applicants who have been offered a place at your school for the following September, together with additional basic applicant information. Once the ATF has been imported into SIMS and applicants have been accepted, the curriculum planning process can be started. Before proceeding, please ensure that you have received an ATF from the LA and that it is stored in an accessible location. An intake group and admission group combination must also have been defined, into which applicants can be imported.Note for Primary Schoolswith Nursery Classes Schools that receive an ATF may encounter applicants in the file who are already members of the school, e.g. they are enrolled in a Nursery class. These applicants can be imported as pre-admission pupils but prior to accepting and subsequently admitting them, the admissions officer must record these children as leavers from the Nursery class.


To import the ATF into SIMS please follow the instructions below:


1.Select Routines > Admission > Import ATF Fileto display the Import ATF File wizard.


2.Click the Next button


3.Click the Browse button to display the Open dialog




4.Navigate to the location of the stored ATF, highlight it then click the Open button


5.Click the Next button to validate applicant addresses in the ATF The House Number and House Name of an address are held in a single field of the XML file structure. This field is called a PAON(Primary Addressable Object Name).This page is displayed only if the ATF contains addresses with correctly formatted PAON fields and enables you to correct theaddress details to prevent SIMS from rejecting the address.The Hide Best Guess check box is selected by default.Addresses that can be reconciled without user intervention are not displayed.

The only addresses displayed in the lower section of the page are those that cannot be resolved automatically. These addresses can be corrected by clicking eitherthe House Number or House Name field then entering the correct information manually.Alternatively, address details canbe discarded and therefore not imported by selecting the Discard check box adjacent to the relevant entry.If a large number of addresses require correction during import, you should request a correctly structured ATF from the LA.


6.After correcting or discarding any incorrect addresses, click the Nextbutton


7.Select the required Intake Groupfrom the drop-down listPlease ensure that your Admissions Policy complies with the DfE Codes of Practice before continuing. Please also ensure that the intake groupand pre-admission group selected have been defined for thecorrect date of admission before proceeding with the import.SIMS checks that the details contained in the ATFheader correspond with the details of the intake group into which the file is being imported. All admission groups associated with this intake group are displayed in the panel at the bottom of the wizard.


8.Highlight the required Admission Group then click the Next buttonto import the ATF. A progress bar is displayed.Schools that have started to enter manually the details of next year’s applicants may encounter some duplicate applicants whenimporting the ATF. To reduce the risk of duplicate applicants, SIMSchecks the information in the ATF against existing applicant details.Any details that match based on surname and forename are displayed.Application Reference Numbers (ARNs) play a key role in thematching of applications. Applicants who have been enteredmanually in SIMS are not issued with an ARN.ARNs are created as part of the LA process and applicants contained in the ATF have been given their own unique number, which is imported into SIMS with the rest of their details. These applicants are not displayed on this page.These details require investigation to determine whether theyare new applicants or duplicates of existing, manually enteredapplications. Non Own Admissions Authority schools that haveimported more than one ATF may encounter applicants in thecurrent ATF who have already been imported.

If an applicant in the ATF is a match for an existing applicant, select the Update Application check box. This updates the existing application and adds the applicant’s ARN to their current record.If an applicant in the ATF is a match for an existing applicant in SIMS, where their application was originally from another admissions year or they are currently an existing pupil in the Nursery year, select the New Application check box.For example, an applicant applied to join the school for the Nursery year in September 2012 but their application was unsuccessful, so they have now applied to join the Reception year in September 2013. These applicants are created as new applications.If an applicant in the ATF is a completely new applicant and is not the same as the individual found by SIMS, select the New person check box to record a new person and a new application.View all the fields in the panel using the scroll bar to move backwards and forwards across the page.




9.Click the Nextbutton to continueSIMS also checks for Contactmatches, e.g. any applicant in the incoming ATF who shares a contact who is already present in thesystem.If any of the contacts listed on the following page of the wizard prove to be a match for an existing contact, select the Matchescheck box adjacent to the correct Name.If any of the contacts listed on the following page of the wizard prove to be a new contact, select the Matchescheck box adjacent to the Newperson record in the Namecolumn.




10.Once you have dealt with each contact, click the Nextbutton to continueWhen the import is complete, the following information is displayed:Number of applications in fileNumber of applications processedNumber of new applications displayed.Applicants are imported with a status of Offeredand their details can be viewed and updated by clicking the Applicationicon on the toolbar or selecting Focus > Admission >Application.If there are any warnings or errors in the ATF import, they are listed inthe wizard.

Please ensure that you click the Savebutton so if any issues have been highlighted, the information is available for you to discuss with your LA Support Team.The log file may contain confidential information about the applicants so give careful consideration to where you store these files.You can save the details of the ATF import, click the Savebutton, located on the right-hand side of the page.Navigate to or create a local folder in an appropriate location, enter a Filename then click the Savebutton.To print the details of the ATF import, click the Print button to display the Run a Screen Based Reportdialog.Select the Output to a web browsercheck box then click the OKbutton to display the report in yourweb browser. The report can be printed by clicking the Printbutton.


11.Click the FinishbuttonOnce the import process has completed successfully,you can set youapplicants asaccepted and admitted by selecting Focus >Admission >Applicationorby clicking the Applicationicon located on the shortcuts toolbar.Additional information about the applicants can be obtained by producing individual Data Collection Sheets and sending them to the applicant’s parent/guardians for completion and return. Data Collection Sheets can be produced via Reports > Run >Focus >Applicationor individually by clicking the Reportshyperlink in the Linkspanel.


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