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SIMS –Setting up family links/siblings


Description of family links from the Capita SIMS manual: The Family Links panel at the bottom of the Family/Home panel on the pupil record displays a list of any existing siblings who share contacts with the same parental responsibility as the pupil/student you are viewing. For example, there may be pupil/students of varying ages from one family who already attend the school.




This facility is read-only and the details are updated automatically by SIMS whenever changes are made to these related pupil/students.


In more detail:


- Addresses are irrelevant –2 siblings could be living at different addresses, one with Mum, one with Dad, for example.


 - There must be AT LEAST ONE shared contact who has parental responsibility.


      - E.g. Angela Taylor lives with her Mum Janet Taylor and Step Dad Richard Taylor. Janet has parental responsibility for Angela but Richard doesn’t.


      -Jennifer Wallace lives with her Dad John Wallace and her Step Mum Debbie. Dad has parental responsibility for Jennifer but Debbie doesn’t. Her real Mum Janet Taylor is also listed as a contact with Parental Responsibility.


      -Angela and Jennifer show as sibling links because Janet is a shared contact and has Parental Responsibility for both even though they live at different addresses!


For the majority of families this isn't an issue as most probably both parents will be listed as contacts for all siblings and will have parental responsibility for them all.


If the sibling links aren't showing then you probably have 2 versions of e.g.Mum, possibly something like J. Smith and Joyce Smith who are in fact the same person. In this case it is recommended that you:

-Check which sibling has the most complete and up to date set of contacts.

-Delete the contacts for all siblings except the one you’ve selected –use the Delete button at the side of the Family Links Panel.

-Save & then Copy the contacts from the ‘master’ sibling to the others by using the Copy button at the side of the Family Links Panel.


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