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SIMS - Exporting CTF File


1. Go to Routines > Data Out CTF > Export CTF >choose General then click on Select.



2. This opens the Export CTF screen.



3. In Panel 1: Data to be Exported, leave the tick in all of these boxes as you want all data for thispupil to be included in the CTF.

    In Panel 2: Student Options, you need to find the pupil who is leaving. You may need to change the effective date and/or view then click on Refresh Students. There isn’t a way to search on name but the pupil’s will showin alphabetical order by default.


4. When you have found the pupil in the list, you need to enter a Destination Schoolfor the pupil.


5. Once the destination has been entered for the pupil, click on Export CTF.




6. Every time you export a CTF, you will receive the following message. Click Yesto this message.




7. The CTF will now be created and a Filenamewill pop up on screen. Make a note of the filename, as this is the file you’ll need to upload to the Schools 2 Schools Website. The file will be saved in Y:\SIMS\CTF-OUT


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