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How to export SIMS reports


There is a feature in SIMS, which allows you to export and import SIMS reports. This is a good way of sharing reportsbetween schools. If you have created a report, which you would like to share with another school,then you are able to exportthis from your SIMS system and attach the report file to an email to send to another school. Pupil data is not attached to the report; it is simply the template of the report, which is sent.


1.Go to Reports > Export.




2.This will open the normal report browse area of SIMS. At this point, you need to find the report that you wish to export, select the report from the list then click on OK.



3.Once you have clicked on OK, you will be asked where you want to save the report template to. Click on the “Open” button and choose a location on your machine to save the report to.  


4.The report template has now been exported out of SIMS and saved to a location on the computer. This report can now be attached to an email or saved onto a memory stick to share with another school


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