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SIMS: Add a user defined filed (UDF)


Selection Required: In this instance, you will first have to make the Lookup to be used. The name given to the Lookup should match that of the User Defined Field.

1.Go to Tools > Lookups > Maintain.




2.Select User Defined Fieldsat the Data Area dropdown and click New.




3.Type in a Description i.e. “Regiment”.




4. At 2: Values, enter criteria you wish to be available for selection (i.e. Regiments) by clicking New and completing the Add/Edit Lookup Value with a Code, Description and tick in the Activebox.

 Click OK.


5.You can add as many values as you wish. On completion click Save.


6.Close SIMS on all workstations and re-open.


7.Go to Tools > setups > User Defined fields.



8.Select New and complete the Basic Field Details as shown below:


Description: Free text title to match the Lookup you have made.

Field Type: Select Lookup (single)from the dropdown options.

Data Domain: Select Person.

Date Area: Tick Student Details.

Active: Ensure this box is ticked.


At no. 2 Lookup (single) Field Details select the Lookup Type you have just made from the dropdown (i.e. regiment).



9.Go to Pupil Details, Search and select a pupil in the usual way. You will see the new Panel 13 where your selection box will be available for use.




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