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Creating a target in SISRA


1) Login to SISRA at


2) On the home screen click on “Create Self Evaluation”, if you do not see the “Create Self Evaluation” button then you need to select the “Self Evaluation List” tab from below “My Records”.





3) At the next screen you now need to create the record for you to enter your targets onto, choose the following options:


    - Category = “Performance Management – NT”


    - Template = “Targets (NT)”


    - Record Name = This is the year (ie 2018-2019) followed by your staff code (eg DOB) and then # and then the target number


    - Record Date = Today or a date that this target will start on




Then you need to add both you and your PM Team Leader to the owner list (clicking the green 'add' button each time) and then add you in the Faculty/Subject/Staff box starting by selecting your name from the list.



4) Once you have completed all of this, click on the green create button at the bottom.


5) At the top of the next page that is presented with several buttons, click on start here


6) You are now presented with the actual form to enter your targets as per the screen shot below:



7) Once you have completed this you can scroll down to the bottom and click “Save and Close”.


8) Now you need to click on Publish, this will make the target/s available for your line manager to see.


9) Repeat steps 2 to 7 to add additional targets, just change the number you are choosing in “PM - Non Teaching – Criteria” when entering in your target.


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