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Create a Remote Desktop Gateway Shortcut


1) Login as usual.

2) Right-click the desktop, hover over New, and click Shortcut.




3) Copy and paste the following into the window that appears:






4) Click Next. Give the shortcut a name (i.e. Remote Desktop) and click Finish.


5) Double-click the shortcut you just created; click on the Show Options button in the window that appears.




6) Type the name of your work computer (this will be the name that is on a white label attached to your work desktop/laptop - either on the side of the desktop computer, or on the underside of the computer if it is a laptop) in the Computer box. Click the Advanced tab, and click the Settings button in the "Connect from anywhere" section.






7) Choose the Use these RD Gateway server settings option and type in the Server name box and choose the Ask for password option in the Log-on method box.  




8) Select the checkbox next to Use my RD Gateway credentials for the remote computer and click OK

9) Finally - do not miss this step, otherwise you will need to start again.

Go back to the General tab and click the Save As button. Save the RDP file on your desktop - call it something like My work computer




You should then be able to locate the new "My work computer" shortcut on your desktop. 

If you double-click this, you might see a warning message similar to the following:




Tick the box the prevent this message from reappearing and click Connect.

If your work computer is switched on, you should be connected to the computer in question.

(NB: this may not work over every computer network, depending on the network configuration/setup at the site you are accessing remote resources from)



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