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The message button can be found in the bottom right of the screen. Here you can read messages that have been sent through to you from staff at the school. You can reply back to messages here directly. You can also write and send messages to one or more teachers and your child’s tutor.


In the example below, the received tab is where any messages sent to you from the school will be. You have the option to read and reply from here. The sent box will store messages you’ve sent through previously.



Sending a new message


To begin sending a new message you will need to click the green new message button as shown in the picture above.

Next you will have to select your child/children.

Once selected click the next step button.

Next, chose the person to send your message to. As you can see in the example below it is broken down into teachers and form tutors.

Depending on who you want to send to, you can pick from the relevant boxes. The default option is to pre-select all teachers. You can see this below as each teacher has a green tick beside. This means if you send a message now, it would go to all the selected teachers. To deselect specific teachers just click on the green tick or unselect all using the smaller black tick. Click next when done.mceclip3.png

You will now see a message box – see below. Here is where you write your message and message subject.


You can also click the paper clip to attach files if needed. Once completed, you can click the send button.

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