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Accessing email quarantine


Some emails can be quarantined, this is to protect your mailbox and user account. Sometimes an email that may be important can get caught up in the quarantine list and not be sent to your mailbox.

You can access your quarantine from here:

You will need to sign in using your Microsoft School account, you will see the regular sign in as below.


Once signed in, look to the left of screen and look for Threat Management, expand it and click on review


Click on quarantine, this will be the only option in the list. This will open up your quarantined emails.


When logged in, you can click on an email and will get the following options:



  • Release Message: This will release the email back to your inbox ONLY DO THIS IF YOU ARE SURE THE EMAIL IS SAFE
  • View Message Header: This will show you the header of the email
  • Preview Message: This will open the email up in a safe environment for you to then check on the email. This is so you can read the contents without causing issues.
  • Remove From Quarantine: Deletes the email completely from your account
  • Block Sender: This will block the sender completely from sending any further emails
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