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EduLink: Creating a Club


You can create clubs in EduLink as a teacher and advertise it to year groups who you want to have access it.


First, log in to to edulink and navigate the bubble to find the picture of the running person. This is the clubs Icon



You will see a screen appear, depending on whether you are part of a club or not, it will either be blank or show your current clubs. In the top right, select "Create"



You will then get a list of students to add to this club. You can search by year, gender or name. When selecting the students, you are NOT adding them to the club as members but as potential joiners. All this menu does is give them access to the club and it is their choice whether they join or not.



Once you have selected all the students you need, click next. You will then be asked to give your club a Name, Capacity, Location, Description and assign leaders.



To assign leaders, click the leaders button and select the members of staff from the list. Leader_Icon.jpg


Finally, you will need to book the sessions. Enter a start date, time and end time to the session and set the amount of weeks you want it to repeat for. Once that information is entered, click "Add Session" Keep adding as many sessions as you like and then click done. You have now created a club!


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