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Edulink: Creating a form



You can create forms in edulink, these can be used for many reasons such as consent forms for trips, events or even as potential home work.


To start a form, find the forms logo. It is a picture of a piece of paper and a drawing utensil.



Once you are in the forms menu, look to the top left and click new. This will open a new window and allow you to start making the form.



In the new window, look to the left. Here you can fill in the details of form and add fields. The first three boxes are mandatory and information must be placed in these boxes. 

You can choose the content by clicking on any number of these boxes:

  • Sub Heading: Adds a sub heading to the form
  • Paragraph: Adds a body of custom text to the form
  • Choice: Adds a multiple choice field with custom text for both the question and answers
  • Email: Adds a section for the respondent to enter their email
  • Text: Adds a question based on a text answer.



Once you have finished, you will need to move to the bottom right of the menu. Click respondents to then choose who will be able to reply to the form.




A new window will open up and you can choose who to send too. You have three options:

  • Parents of: This will only allow the form to be seen and edited by parents of specific children.
  • Employees: This will only allow members of the school to view and edit the form
  • Learners: This will let students directly fill out the form.

You can now click done to finish and add the respondents. 



Finally, once you have completed the form and selected respondents, you can now click the save button. This will make the form live and ready for use.

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