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Open Voicemails in Media Player


With our new phone system, all voicemails are sent via email to your account. Sometimes groove music will not open these files but Windows Media Player will. 

Open With Media Player

First, navigate to the email that contains your voicemail. Click the drop arrow to get more options. Click on save as.



Once you have saved the voicemail, navigate to where you saved it and right-click it. Choose, "Open With" and select windows media player.



Set Media Player as the Default

You can set windows media player to be the default player. To do this, follow the guide as before but instead of pressing "Open With", choose properties instead.


Once you open the new window, find the "Change" button. Click this and choose " Windows Media Player". Once selected, you can then open all audio files in the media player without needing to follow these steps every time.


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